Sleepy Cotton - Ultra Gentle Repel Dog Shampoo - Rosemary - 8 OZ

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Protect Your Dog from Pests Spring and summertime bring countless opportunities of adventures for humans and their furry companions. Protecting your dog from harmful pests in outdoor environments is essential to keeping them in top-notch health. Irritating pests such as mosquitos and ticks can potentially carry diseases that are awfully dangerous. Key Benefits #1 Repel: Blend of rosemary essential oil and sweetgrass distilled water makes one powerful repellent formula. The scent deters irritating pests from coming near your dog and causing them harm. Key Benefits #2 Soothe Pest Bites: Repel Balm is formulated to soothe irritating conditions from pest bites with its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Key Benefits #3 100% Natural: Unlike other repel products on the market made of extremely harsh chemicals, Sleepy Cotton Repel Balm is made with 100% naturally derived made in USA ingredients. More Info - Visit Sleepy Cotton