Aroma Paws Cucumber Face Wash

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Aroma Paws Cucumber and Aloe Facial Scrub - the perfect facial cleanser for in between baths! Our gentle formula effectively removes food from facial fur, cleans fur around eyes caused by excessive tearing, and removes odors from in between facial folds. Safe for daily use, this facial scrub will leave your furry friend's face feeling fresh and clean. To use, wet your pet's face with water and rub the facial scrub in your hands first. Then, apply an even amount around the face and neck, massaging deeply with your fingertips for several minutes to soften and remove food and debris. Rinse and dry thoroughly, and remember to avoid eyes, ears, and the inside of nostrils. For external use only. Give your furry friend a refreshing facial with Aroma Paws Cucumber and Aloe Facial Scrub!

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